The Easter HymnBook Vol.2

Welcome to the Easter Hymnbook - a series of readings, songs and sounds to help you reflect on Easter faith and Jesus. Feel free to dip in and out but a good way to engage is to listen to the whole thing in one go. Either way we hope you enjoy it.

With contributions from Pat Woodcock, Jon Wilcox, Jacob Riddall (“Walking By”), Byron Jones, Sarah Ault, Colse Leung (Instrumental - “Mother”), Courtney James (“Don’t delay”), Steve Brooks, Mat Miles (“No Bounds”).

The Easter HymnBook Vol.1

The #EasterHymnBook has been designed as an audio experience to help give you some time and space to think about Easter this year. 

You may be familiar with church, you may not but we've brought together some thoughts, songs and readings that will hopefully help deepen your exploration of Easter and it's meaning to you, to us and to the world as a whole. 

You can experience the #EasterHymnBook track-by track or as a podcast but we’d encourage you to listen to it all in one sitting as a whole experience. 

We hope you enjoy it, but more than that - hopefully it helps you meet with Jesus in some way. 

1. Egg. Sunday. Egg
2. John 19v16 to 17v16 - Paul Asterley
3. Whispers - Robin Mitchell
4. Conversation with Jen Lister
5. Chopin Nocturne in C sharp Minor (No.20) performed Manami Baba
6. Meditation Space / Dark Before Dawn
7. Wide Open - Colse Leung
8. An Easter blessing - Rob Scott Cook / Dawning - Colse Leung