Open Summer Themes: Wisdom (AM series)


Wisdom for life: boundaries, Clare Thompson. Clare shares some thoughts about living without limitations. Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 5.

Wisdom for life: tongue, Nigel Savage. This week’s preach continues our series on wisdom, looking at what the book of proverbs tells us about how we should speak. These ancient truths say much about the power of the tongue and how we should use our words wisely. Proverbs 13:3

Wisdom for life: Money, Rob Scott-Cook. 
In a materialistic world, that can focus on money and possessions, Rob Scott-Cook offers some insights into some of the deeper values and motivations of life found in the Christian faith. Proverbs 13: 7, 8, 11, 22


Wisdom & folly: Dave Mitchell. Wisdom, is it about insight or knowledge? How do we grow in wisdom and avoid the folly that Proverbs describes so well?

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Faith on the Frontline: Original Blessing, Rob Scott-Cook (AM)

The book of Genesis describes a context of work existing before the fall. Just as God works and rests, so human beings made in his image do so too. In fact not to have work is as much as a curse as the post fall drudgery of work. How do we find a blessing in the workplace and in voluntary vocations that speaks of us being made in the image of God? Download discussion notes


Faith on the Frontline, Lindsey Mansfield (AM)

Sometimes people say to Church workers ‘You are on the frontline’. As a pastor my reflection to congregation members is ‘You are on the frontline’. For most of us, our frontline is where we interact with a world which does not understand or recognise our faith. This is often our workplace, but could be our home or neighbourhood. No doubt people will observe us and evaluate us in these contexts. Rather than seeing these contexts as places where we ‘survive’ as Christians, I believe they are places for us to be fruitful and see the growth of the Kingdom in many ways.

Download discussion notes