Prophecy (7PM Series)

The prophet in the Old Testament is someone raised up or called by God to speak to the people and act on his behalf. A prophet is sometimes called 'a man of God'; other terms include 'hazeh' - visionary or 'roeh' - seer. More commonly used is the word 'nabi', someone who announces. Prophets include women (Deborah). The names indicate the role; a prophet is God's messenger. There is an expectation that the Prophet will have God's Spirit and may perform signs and wonders. The prophet will have the ability to see in a visionary way to see from God's perspective, perhaps to fore tell as well as forth tell, and have supernatural insight for both large scale events and local insights.

PROPHECY: The prophet in the Old Testament, Clare Thompson recorded 03/04/16

Clare takes us through a whistle-stop tour of prophets in the Old Testament and the things that they pointed towards.

PROPHECY: A prophetic people in the New Testament, Rob Scott Cook 10/04/16

A brief overview of prophecy in The New Testament and what does that mean for us today?

PROPHECY: The openness of God, Nigel Savage 24/04/16

How do we understand the role of the prophetic and God’s nature? How do we respond to the a prophetic word? Bible Ref. 1 Thessalonians 5:21

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