Momentum For Mission (7PM Series)

At the end of his time on earth, before he ascended to the Father Jesus gave two instructions to his disciples, ‘Stay’ and ‘Go’.  The ‘go’ is the ‘great commission’ at the end of Matthew’s gospel and referenced in Acts 1:8 is a call to make disciples of ‘all nations’, to go to ‘the ends of the earth’. The ‘stay’ is ‘stay in Jerusalem until you have been clothed with power from on high (Luke 24:49) referenced in Acts 1:4.

MOMENTUM FOR MISSION: Reaching your city, Tim Dobson 01/05/16

This weekend lots of volunteers are serving our City in 'The Noise' project. We are exploring on Sunday the tension in some of the last words of Jesus between 'staying' and 'going' in His great commission. Do we 'stay' until we are ready, or are we equipped by going? Bible Ref. Acts 1v1-8

MOMENTUM FOR MISSION: Momentum & Balance, Rob Scott-Cook  08/05/16

Do we want a well balanced Church or a Church that is on the move and has momentum? Well 'both-and' is the right answer. The book of Acts shows how the early Church found balance while keeping moving. It's just like a bicycle really! Bible Ref. (Acts Overview)

MOMENTUM FOR MISSION: Pentecost Power, Dave Mitchell 15/05/16

Happy Birthday Church! We celebrate the day the fire fell, the wind blew, and the Church was launched into its calling. Bible Ref. Acts

MOMENTUM FOR MISSION: Kingdom Generosity, Rachel Riddall 22/05/16

Money matters. A spirit of generosity typified the early Church and enabled great things to happen. What should our model be for giving financially to the work of God today? Bible Ref. Acts 4v32-37

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