Pastoral Care

Pastoral care isn’t just dealing with difficulties, crises and trouble, it’s also about calling out the good in one another and seeing people become whole, mature and Christ like. This involves simple things such as looking out for one another, befriending new people, noticing people, caring, friendship, belonging, celebrating, praying, and encouraging. Things we can all do.

Pastoral care happens at Woodies in many different ways, but the majority of pastoral care happens through mid-week groups. This could be a home group or pastorate. We use the phrase ‘first line of pastoral care’ to describe where pastoral care first happens. Mid-week groups are the key environment for pastoral care to happen, and for everyone in the group to feel looked after.

Nurturing New Christians

If you are new to faith we want to help you put down some firm foundations. It can help to have a group specifically tailored to your needs as a new Christian, or you may prefer to join a group of mature Christians who can help you get started. Things like The Alpha Course and mentoring are really helpful too.

Sickness & Crises

We all experience lows, difficulty and tragedy in life. This could be a major illness or accident, a bereavement, losing a job or sudden marriage breakdown. It can happen to any of us. So it may be that meeting someone, processing and working through that might be helpful.

Some of Our 'Life' Courses

We run a number of different courses at Woodies, helping to address some of the seasons that we have in life. These courses run throughout the year and can be a helpful place to help you move forward in your faith.  

  • The Alpha Course is a great exploration or re-introduction to faith
  • Baptism Courses help those thinking about getting baptised work through what the means
  • The CAP Money Course is a practical course for anyone struggling with debt
  • Marriage Course is helpful for those who are or are thinking about getting married
  • Parenting Course supports parents with some ideas about how to improve your parenting
  • Wholeness Course is about engaging in personal freedom and healing

For more information please email or Clare Thompson.