Mentoring is an essential part of discipleship. None of us can truly become mature, as followers and imitators of Christ, without the faithful input of others. There's only so far a private faith can take you.

We believe in mentoring and encourage everyone in church life to connect with a mentor, as well as help mentor someone else.

A mentor is simply someone you trust, who can help hold you to account as you seek to live every area of your life for Jesus. In the Apostle Paul's words: 'follow me, as I follow Christ'.

Often a mentor is someone a bit further on in their Christian journey to you. But it's just as valid to have a 'peer mentor' - someone at a similar stage of Christian experience.

To find out more, download the Mentoring Booklet, which has more in-depth teaching, guidelines and practical pointers. You can also get in touch with us if you'd like some help finding a mentor, or if you'd like to make yourself available to mentor others.

If you'd like to know more about mentoring, would like to mentor or be mentored - please contact your mid-week group leader or email us at