Marriage Resources & Help


Marriage has many layers, and is both a complicated and exciting thing. At Woodlands we've got a range of things to help you work though getting ready for it and also some things to help you along the way. 

Marriage Prep is designed for those thinking of getting married or who are engaged. You will be partnered with a couple dedicated to walking you through, not only how to get ready for your wedding, but how to prepare for a life-long marriage.

Marriage by Design, a course developed by Care for the Family, is one way in which Woodlands facilitates marriage prep. More information about the course and registration for it can be found here. 

The Marriage Course is a practical look at marriage, giving any married couple the tools to build a strong and healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime. Over a series of evenings, couples talk about important issues that can get swept under the carpet in the rush of daily life. Watch the film to get an overview of the course and follow the link below to register for the next one.

Next Marriage Course begins: Spring 2020. Click here to book.

Weddings at Woodlands - if you're already engaged and are holding a wedding at Woodlands we've got a team that can help you get through the finer practical thoughts and preparations. From vows to venue and music to marching down the aisle - we can help take some of the stress out of the run up to your wedding day.

Marriage Counselling -  every couple and every situation is unique so we've a dedicated pastoral care team that can help during the tougher times, please contact the team for more on this.

If you have any questions about The Marriage Course, Marriage prep or getting married at Woodlands, email or get in touch with Julia Shrimpton