Wider Witness (7PM Series)

We're called to share our lives and faith in our homes, workplaces and beyond but what does it mean to be a witness in a wider modern world today?

WIDER WITNESS: Following God's Initiative, Clare Thompson 03/07/16

The book of Acts describes some amazing conversions, not least the story of Cornelius in Acts 10. Very often these seem to be initiated by something miraculous happening to the convert prior to faith. How can we see more of that kind of 'divine appointment' happening today? Bible Ref: Acts 10-11

WIDER WITNESS: Kingdom Conflict, Dave Mitchell 10/07/16

Is the message of Jesus so powerful and challenging that it arouses opposition? Does the work of God's spirit provoke demonic opposition? C.S.Lewis once said 'Miracles and Martyrdom go together. What should we expect about conflict today? Bible Ref. Acts 12, 16, 19

WIDER WITNESS: Kingdom and Culture, Rachel Riddall 17/07/16

How can we bring a distinctive 'Kingdom ' culture in our witness without being weird? How does cultural sensitivity avoid cultural compromise? The early Church had to face these topical tensions too. Bible Ref. Acts 14, 15

WIDER WITNESS: Kingdom and Culture Out of Antioch, Dave Mitchell 24/07/16

The most powerful cross cultural mission of the Church came not out of Jerusalem, but Antioch. Bristol has 120 nationalities resident in the City. Can we be an 'Antioch' today? Bible Ref. Acts 13, 18

WIDER WITNESS: The Power of Testimony, Joey Mitchell 31/07/16

Worship Special; Testimony is amazing. It's not an argument, it's a witness. It can move us, teach and inspire us. Paul's testimony is recorded at least three times in the book of Acts. How often do we share ours? Bible Ref. Acts 20, 22

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