Vision Evening Live Audio Stream Tonight!


Everyone gets to Play

We're really excited about Vision Evening tonight but we also recognise that it's hard to some times make it to events, particularly if there's child care or shift work to consider.

So, to help with that we've got a few options if you can't make it personally tonight.

Live Audio Streaming
Tonight we will be attempting to live audio stream the talky bits here at

  1. Click on and a new browser window will open.
  2. On the left hand side of the page you will see the Mixlr player.
  3. The diagram below shows (from left to right) the player "off air", when the live stream is available and when you have pressed play and are listening to the live stream.
  4. Going to requires no downloading of apps etc, just visit the page and off you go!

Alternatively you can also listen on the go if you have an Android or iOS smart device or phone. To download the apps visit


The Woodlands Church Facebook Group

There will also be a few us Facebook live-ing and adding snippets during the evening on our Woodlands Church Facebook Group (just click this link).

Lastly, if those don't appeal to you we will be posting the video and podcast audio from Vision Evening like we do with our Sunday preaches, these will be available on the website ASAP after the event.