The Passion (7PM Series)

At Easter we want relook at the events around Jesus' death, resurrection and beyond and rediscover what the meaning and impact that those events have for us as individuals and for us as people today.

THE PASSION: Towards Jerusalem, Rachel Riddall, 02/04/17

As we prepare to remember the time when Jesus was "lifted up" on the cross, let us come to him with worship and praise. He is the Servant King would shows his humble rulership through self sacrifice. Take some time quietly to worship Jesus, then take the chance in small groups to pray out loud and declare your praise to King Jesus, for who he is and what he has achieved.


THE PASSION: The Shadow of the Cross, Tim Dobson, 09/04/17

This week we look at the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. Events of cosmic unique
significance happened at the Cross. What facets of the cross are revealed here
and how do they affect us in our discipleship and our worship?.


THE PASSION: Easter Day, Dave Mitchell, 16/04/17

This week we look at the account of the first Easter Day. A joyful celebration of resurrection that changes everything. The whole destiny of mankind is changed because He is risen.


THE PASSION: Resurrection Life, Rob Scott Cook, 23/04/17

Jesus commissions his disciples and sends them out into the world (v21-22) to show God's love and share the good news of new life in Jesus (v31) What does it mean for Jesus to send you out into the world with his good news? How can you do that this week? How do we receive the Holy Spirit in our lives today (v22)? Bible Ref: John 21


THE PASSION: Worship & Justice (worship special), Nigel Savage 30/04/17

Rounding off this series, we look at how Jesus' life and example should cause us to take action in a broken world.


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