Soul Care (7PM Series)

SOUL CARE looks at the modern need to look after ourselves and our 'souls' spiritually.

SOUL CARE Series Introduction, Dave Mitchell 10/01/16

Our society focuses on material things. Human beings are more than creatures. They have a ‘deep’ placed, a soul that belongs to God.

The Bible and especially the psalms (e.g. 42, 62, 63, 84) talk about bringing our soul to God as a vital spiritual discipline.

SOUL CARE & PRAYER, Rob Scott-Cook 17/01/16

Prayer can be hard work, and a spiritual discipline. It can also be the overflow of the soul. The story of Hannah 1 Samuel 1:10-15 is about that kind of passionate prayer. Often prayer in times of deep distress or joy seem to flow from the ‘soul’, whereas disciplined intercession can seem more cerebral, perhaps aided by a list or journal. Is one kind of prayer more valuable than another? Bible Ref. Matthew 6.5-8

A THIRSTY SOUL, Simon Rotheram 24/01/16

Read Psalm 42, a classic expression of spiritual thirst. (C.f. Psalm 63). The longing of a thirsty animal in search of water contrasts with the waterfalls, breakers and waves that can be found in God, an abundance of water. Jesus uses the metaphor of water for the life of the Spirit in his encounter with the woman at the well in John 4 and his teaching in John 7;37-39.

Bible Ref. Psalm 145.16

REST OF SOUL, Pam Scott-Cook 31/01/16

Children should be loved and accepted unconditionally, before they have done anything of merit. It continues with sustenance, the practices that replenish the spirit that Jesus himself engaged in, such as times for solitude, friendship, enjoying creation etc. The third movement is ‘significance’, the sense of knowing who we are in God’s grace, and of how our lives point to him. The final phase is achievement, fruitfulness, and awareness that fruitfulness has come about not through a cycle of works, but a cycle of grace.
Bible Ref. Luke 11: 1-13

RESTORED SOUL, Dave Mitchell 05/02/16

What happens when we lose our way, lose our joy, and lose our first love? Restoration is a process which we can be part of as Church. The Psalms cry out for Restoration for a nation. Galatians 6:1 speaks of restoring a sinner gently. Restoration tends to be a walk, we fall in love but when we lose it we have to walk back into loving relationship. A restored Soul learns to be hungry again, to recognise idolatry (false compensations for soul hunger) and turn from it, to recognise sin and repent of it and to receive grace and mercy.

Bible Ref. Psalm 23.3

SOUL LOVE: MADE FOR LOVE Hannah Mitchell & Tim Dobson 12/02/16. 

In a world at a time where when we think about love we can use terms like 'soul mate', what does it mean to re-understand the nature of love through the lens of faith?

Bible Ref. Ecclesiastes 4.9-12

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