So that twas Children's Church Holiday Club!

As ever the Children's Church Holiday Club was the perfect blend of madness, fun and faith. Check out these pictures!

Last week saw Woodlands Church transformed into a Medieval kingdom, complete with an encampment, a full castle with throne room and even a banqueting hall.

Over 120 children joined us for the week to meet a rather bossy and mean princess and her servants as she searched for the next knight of the rectangular table. There were messy challenges, pies in the face, sumo suits, inflatable jousting sessions and a lot of gunge! 
We spend time in worship, learning from the Bible and also had games and crafts – and in amongst all that we were able to talk about ways we can all build our shields of faith; use our swords of the Spirit, and stand tall in the truths God has told us. On the final day, the children were invited to come forward and all be knighted into Gods kingdom.

We have had lots of positive feedback both from parents and children, saying how they are now more excited to read their Bibles, wanting to be part of God’s Kingdom, teaching the dance routines and worship songs that they learnt during the week.

We pray that the children, as our vision says, “Know God, Grow in their Faith and Love the world” more and more each day and continue the journey many of them started this holiday club.

- Ruth Morgans, Children's Minister