Prophecy in a time of crisis: Prophetic covenant, David Mitchell (11am Podcast)


How to be prophetic in a time of crisis’. Our world is a turbulent place. The prophet Jeremiah lived through a time of immense crisis in the nation of Judah. His prophetic messages both gave strong challenges but also guidance and comfort to the people of his day. What can we learn from him about being a prophetic people to our nation today? Over the month four prophetic pictures give us insight into God’s word being delivered through someone very human.

September 24th. Jeremiah’s calling is ‘to pluck up and break down, to build and to plant’ phrases that occur (1:10) throughout the book. The context for that prophetic activity however is enduring covenant. In Old Testament Scripture there are two forms of covenant; unconditional covenants initiated by God’s mercy, and covenants that are reciprocal between God and his people. Even if we break those kind of covenants, the enduring mercy of God is there for us. Though Judah was going to experience the ‘cause and effect’ consequence of their disobedience to God, and consequent exile, they were also objects of his unchanging grace and love and Jeremiah prophetically acts out this covenant relationship in this chapter.(v 40) Jerremiah 31 & 32. Download discussion notes.