Kingdom Foundations (7PM Series)

In this series we take a look at some of the foundation ideas of faith that affect how we see the world and how we deal with tension.

KINGDOM FOUNDATIONS: Now & not yet, Dave Mitchell 07/05/17

A fundamental idea about the Kingdom of God is that it is about the ‘rule of God’ rather than strictly about ‘place’. A King may have a Kingdom by inheritance, but it’s only really his kingdom where he gets to rule in practice, where his will is done. The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven as Matthew puts it, is imperfectly realised on earth. Israel was a pointer to this at its best but the Jews were still waiting for God’s kingdom rule in the time of Jesus. Jesus life death, resurrection and pouring out of the Spirit inaugurate (bring into being) the new age of the Kingdom. Yet there is more to come.

Luke 10:9; Luke 12:31; 2 Peter 3:11 & 12


KINGDOM FOUNDATIONS: Not eating & drinking, Joey Mitchell 14/05/17

One of the things that divided people as being in the family of God or not in Bible times was what and how people ate and drank. The Jews including Jewish Christians inherited strict food laws. Pagans often ate food that had been dedicated to their pagan idols and all religions had religious ‘feasts’ that were literally food orientated around sacrifices. The New Testament gives lots of time to this issue in seeing a new people of God come together from Jew and Gentile. Jesus emphasised that it was what came out of the heart, not what went into the body that was important in pleasing God. (Mark 7:14-23)

Kingdom Foundations: Not talk but power, Rob Scott Cook 21/05/17

John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard movement, shared a prophetic word in the 1980’s. It was ‘less talk, more power.’ That might resonate with those of you who have sat through as many sermons as I have! In fact ‘power’ is expressed in many ways. Words have ‘soft power’. The verse we are looking at however contrasts empty words with genuine spiritual power and authority. Paul knew about spiritual power as well as words (he famously talked for so long at one meeting that a young man fell asleep and toppled out of an upstairs window, Acts 20: 9)

KINGDOM FOUNDATIONS: Not Shaken, Clare Thompson 28/05/17

All of us know people whose faith has been shaken, either through challenging circumstances, powerful temptations, or intellectual doubt. Things that are true however remain true. Real truth cannot be subjective. How can we so imbibe a real and true experience and knowledge of the Kingdom of God so that we are not shaken by the storms of life? Bible Ref Hebrews 12:8

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