Heroes of Faith (7PM Series)

The Old Testament is literally full of biblically sized heroes, yet despite being written many years ago - how were they like us, how did God speak to them and what can we learn from these heroes of faith?

HEROES OF FAITH: Elisha - Faith for Miracles, Rob Scott Cook 06/11/16

Faith for miracles. Deep in the history of Israel we read of a prophet who is used by God to heal the sick, raise the dead, multiply food, and bring extraordinary revelation. What was the secret of Elisha's anointing for miracles? Can faith release similar miracles today?Bible Ref: 2 Kings

HEROES OF FAITH: David - Faith for Warfare, Clare Thompson 13/11/16

Faith for Warfare. David's battle with Goliath is one of the best known stories in the bible. God seems to enjoy using apparently insignificant people to win great victories. Can the story of David help us find faith to face our Goliath's and see God's victories. Bible Ref: 1 Samuel 17:45-47

HEROES OF FAITH: Hannah - Faith to Pray, Tim Dobson 20/11/16

Faith to pray. Real faith has the capacity to persevere in prayer in the face of disappointment. Hannah took her disappointment to God and saw extraordinary fruit from her prayer. Bible Ref: 1 Samuel 1&2

HEROES OF FAITH: Abraham - Faith to Obey, Jon Wilcox 27/11/16

Faith to obey. Sometimes faith is a long obedience in the same direction. That was Abraham's life; he is fittingly called the father of faith. Bible Ref: Hebrews 11v8; Genesis

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