Welcome to Bristol!


If you're a student, and particularly if you are coming to Bristol for the first time, we want to welcome you to the city and are excited for you in this next chapter of life!

Woodlands has a large extended student community that meets in different shapes and sizes on different days across Bristol. Also as well as our regular activities, during September we're giving out free lunches for our annual freshers welcome BBQ (Mon 24th - Thurs 27th Sept) and there will be special events as well as more information on how to get connected into some of our student groups.

Services wise, you might be interested in

  • The 9.15/11am services - Sunday morning church with more of a family church feel.

  • 7pm Woodlands - our big celebration service for across our congregations

  • 7pm Woodlands Metro - city centre, under 30s vibe

    We will be offering lifts to church in September, so for more details visit our Student page, or find us on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at @WoodiesStudents