Great Expectations (7PM Series)

A 4 part series looking at some of the DNA of Woodlands Church.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Sunday, Tim Dobson 04/09/16 

It is remarkable how quickly the early Church, a community rooted in Judaism, with the Sabbath (the 7th day) as a sacred day, pivotal to their national identity, took on Sunday, the first day of the week as their defining gathering day. 

It’s also interesting how in our contemporary culture, the practice of keeping Sunday special is disappearing. Is Sunday still 'special'? Is there a blessing to discover in keeping that Sunday weekly rhythm of worship?

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Sunday, Dave Mitchell 11/09/16

Jesus equates ‘greatness in the kingdom of God’ with servant hood. The early church saw servant hood as a privilege and an 'imitation' of Christ, the servant king. To be called by God into his service is part of discipleship. 

To serve means to use the gifts God has graciously given us and to see those gifts grow. Serving God involves both serving in Church and serving in the world. How can service be a blessing for us as well as those we are serving?

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Giving, Ed Marsh 18/09/16

The Old Testament has a lot to say about giving in the context of worship based around the practice of tithes and offerings. These offerings were a way of responding with gratitude to God for his mercies and the New Testament builds on this foundation with practices that demonstrate radical generosity, ‘in view of God’s mercy.’ Something about the nature of the kingdom of God is expressed in generous giving; how do we make this a key part of our discipleship today?

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Belonging, Rob Scott-Cook 25/09/16

Church is the community of God’s people. So significant was this idea to Paul that one of his favourite metaphors for the Church was ‘the body’, with the implication that we are as vitally connected to one another as the organs in the human body are. If we are really to ‘belong’ we need to find our place in community. When Church becomes large it can become anonymous. 

Most of us thrive when we are known and know people. Being known is key to participation and discipleship. Jesus was at ease in crowds and attracted crowds but did his discipleship mainly amongst a group of twelve.

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