God Habits: Love, Clare Thompson

The letter of John is a letter written by an elder statesman in the Church, (probably the apostle John) encouraging his flock in the face of many difficulties to hold on to things of first importance. The things John teaches have become his habit and practice through long usage. They are habits and disciplines that are transformational if we can acquire them. They form a secret history with practical outworkings

22nd Oct. God habits: Love

How do we radically love? The love of God constrains us to love one another as we obey Jesus’ new commandment. How much does fear hold us back from radical love? (v 18). Fear of rejection? Fear of hurting others if we are honest? Fear of shame and exposure if we are open? 

There is a cost to true intimacy in human relationships and we need to face that cost if we are to go deep in relationships. John tells us however that there is a real connection with our ability to love the unseen God, and our love for our ‘brothers’. What does it mean for loving our brother to be a habit? How much is emotion, how much is will, choice and action, how much is accessing the grace of God? 1 John 4:7-21. Download discussion notes.