Parables: The Kingdom - David Mitchell (11am Podcast)


May 19th: Parables: The Kingdom (Matthew 13v31-34, 44-45; Matthew 20v1-16; Matthew 22v1-14)

During the three years of Jesus' preaching ministry, he seemed to have a holy obsession with the Kingdom of God. He only mentions Church twice, but talks about the Kingdom over 100 times. He is so desperate for his disciple to understand what the kingdom is all about that in the 40 days between his resurrection and ascension, we are told in Act 1v3, what he chose to teach them about was "the Kingdom of God". The rule and reign of God's kingdom in our world is such an amazing thing that Jesus frequently used parables to help people fully understand all the wonderful attributes of the Kingdom and reorientate their lives around kingdom priorities. We are going to look at a few of Jesus' kingdom parables tonight. Download Discussion notes