Holy Week Day 5 - Dying

“Darkness covers the earth, creation is silent, creation is waiting” 

Golgotha - Crucified alongside criminals  

Nails hammered through hands and feet 

Flesh is torn, blood pouring down 

A man’s frame lowered into pain.  Immense pain.

Abba…… Thy…. will…be… done 

They come to stare – they come to spit  

They hurl insults, laying the gauntlet down: 

“Let him come down off that cross if he truly is the Messiah” 

Abba…… Thy…. will…be… done

Suffering, bleeding,  gasping, dying 

“He Trusts in God Let God rescue him now if he wants him” 

Torturing body, mind, soul, spirit

Abba…… Thy…. will…be… done

Darkness covers the earth, creation is silent, creation is waiting 

The powers are waiting, the people are waiting, the angels are waiting 

The Lord of heaven and earth is giving himself up unto death

Willingly, knowingly, completely 

Abba …… where are you? Why have you forsaken me? 


‘For he was cut off from the land of the living 

For the transgressions of my people he was stricken.  

And the Lord has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all’ 

Into your hands I commit my spirit 

He breathes his last 

It is finished.

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