Mind the Gap: Sexual Revolution - David Mitchell/Hannah Mitchell

May 13th  2018. Generation Gap: Sexual Revolution (Matthew 19:1-12). There has been a sexual revolution in my lifetime. Over my 60 years of life there has been a sea change in behaviour and values. The accessibility of birth control, and the swinging sixties kick started that change. Homosexual acts were illegal when I was born; now it is illegal to discriminate against people on same sex grounds. More recently gender fluidity is becoming accepted, very young people have access to hard core sexual material on line, 42% of marriages end in divorce. I could go on, but things have definitely changed! It is easy to see how different generations can have very different pre-suppositions about sexual ethics and practice. Our challenge as Christians is not to be driven by culture (whether pro or anti our current values) but to find the heart of God and distinctives of His kingdom for our lives and lifestyles. Download Discussion notes