WOODLANDS MUSIC: 14th May @ St Thomas the Martyr

On the 14th of May we’re putting on an immersive evening of performance, art, music and worship at one of Bristol’s most beautiful historic churches, St Thomas the Martyr, to raise money for One25 and our new creative expression, ‘WOODLANDS MUSIC’.  

We’re fundraising to be able to release a mixtape of home-grown songs intertwined with sounds, textures and rhythms from the streets, terraces, carnivals and festivals of Bristol.  

Come and preview those songs accompanied by a string quartet and organ, alongside electronic beats, samplers and synthesisers!  Tickets are £15, with concessions at £10. Capacity is very limited, and we’re expecting tickets to sell out very quickly - so snap them up while you can!  

Book your tickets here.
St Thomas the Martyr on Google Maps

WOODLANDS MUSIC a new creative expression from the Woodlands group of churches in Bristol, gathering collaborators from across the church to make art that looks, sounds and even smells like Bristol.  Find out more about Woodlands Music on FacebookInstagram Twitter