AM Series: Good Grief


April 15th 2018. Good Grief: Loss (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) ‘In every season turn, turn, turn’ sang the Byrds in their 60’s hit single quoting the book of Ecclesiastes. Life has seasons, and each season may well hold loss and grief as well as growth and opportunity. We are not great at accepting loss in western culture. We can be in denial about loss of youth, loss of significance and ultimately loss of life itself. God seems to have a different perspective; perhaps loss can be the place where we find ourselves. Download Discussion notes

April 22nd  2018. Good Grief: Longing (Romans 8:18-26). Longing is a bitter-sweet emotion. Longing implies something wonderful exists to be longed for, but the state of longing means we don’t have what is longed for yet. Who hopes for what they already have? Longing seems to be part of the human psyche, ‘God has set eternity in the hearts of men’ says the writer of Ecclesiastes. What part has longing played in your spiritual journey? Sorry but due to a technical error, this is just an audio Preach. Download Discussion notes

April 29th  2018. Good Grief: Lament (Lamentations 3) Lament is a pouring out of grief and loss in music and poetry. The Psalms are full of lament and there is a whole book of the bible called ‘Lamentations’. It’s not a common experience to come to a Church service and sing songs of lament? Does lament have a place in modern worship? Download Discussion notes