7pm Series: Spirtual Disciplines


Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting & Feasting - Tim Dobson (Mark 2:18) At Christmas fasting often follows feasting. After the indulgence of Christmas comes the dieting of the New Year! In the New testament it is the other way round. Fasting precedes Feasting. John the Baptist is the fasting prophet. Jesus is the Feasting Bridegroom. Download Discussion notes

Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer and Worship - David Mitchell Luke 18. Prayer defines the life of Jesus. He is a man of prayer, a son who talks to his Father. Prayer was something he taught his disciples as a model, as a discipline that marks a disciple, (the sermon on the mount) and as something to persevere in. Download Discussion notes

Spiritual Disciplines: Simplify - Nigel Savage. Matthew 6: 19-34. Luke 10:41. Life is complex and seems to be increasingly so. We experience information overload, and technology designed to serve us distracts or drives us. Morally life seems more complex too, relativism and post-modern scepticism about absolutes undermine consensus about right and wrong. Materialism and the multitude of possessions deemed necessary for modern life crowd our lives. Download Discussion notes

Spiritual Disciplines: Baptism - Rob Scott-Cook. Matthew 28. Rob finishes off our series looking at Spiritual Disiciples.