Pray for Woodlands Church

Every day during PrayerWeek we’re asking you to pray for one of our congregations. Watch the short video and then pray, its as simple as that! If you have any feedback, prophetic words or general encouragement's do send them in via our website.

Woodlands Church

1.  Pray that our appetite for prayer and communing with our Father would deepen. That God would put a growing hunger for prayer in us this week that continues.

2.  Pray that many people would come along to our Alpha course which starts on January 24th, especially guests who came along to our different Christmas services. For people to meet Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

3.  Pray for a special increase in the presence of God this week at our services, gathered prayer times and activities as we serve the city. That his Holy Spirit would be at work in everything we do and we would look to him and follow.