Pray for Community Church

Every day during PrayerWeek we’re asking you to pray for one of our congregations. Watch the short video and then pray, its as simple as that! If you have any feedback, prophetic words or general encouragement's do send them in via our website.

Community Church.

1. That as a congregation and as individuals we would make time to and learn how to 'keep in step with the Holy Spirit'.

2. Pray that in all our activities, food bank, chaplaincy at Southmead Hospital, childrens/youth groups, life recovery group etc we would respond to the Holy Spirit's leading as we encourage, prophesy over and minister to those we serve.

3. We long for people to come to know Jesus, please pray that those we mingle with in our families, neighbourhood, workplaces and church would meet Jesus personally and have their eyes opened to his love and grace.