How To Be Prophetic In A Time Of Crisis - Prophetic Call, Dave Mitchell (AM podcast)


‘How to be prophetic in a time of crisis’. Our world is a turbulent place. The prophet Jeremiah lived through a time of immense crisis in the nation of Judah. His prophetic messages both gave strong challenges but also guidance and comfort to the people of his day. What can we learn from him about being a prophetic people to our nation today? Over the month four prophetic pictures give us insight into God’s word being delivered through someone very human.

September 3rd. Prophetic call. As a young man Jeremiah saw a vision that unlocked a prophetic ministry that would span the next forty years. What does it mean for us to ‘see well’ as the Lord told Jeremiah? What is the call of God’s people to be ‘seers’, not ‘blind guides’ to those around us? As we start a new term what is God calling us individually and Woodlands as a community to be in our city.
Jeremiah 1. Download discussion notes.