Prophecy in a time of crisis: Prophetic comfort


How to be prophetic in a time of crisis’. Our world is a turbulent place. The prophet Jeremiah lived through a time of immense crisis in the nation of Judah. His prophetic messages both gave strong challenges but also guidance and comfort to the people of his day. What can we learn from him about being a prophetic people to our nation today? Over the month four prophetic pictures give us insight into God’s word being delivered through someone very human.

September 17th 2017. Prophecy in a time of crisis. Prophetic comfort. Jeremiah 29. Jeremiah ’ s calling is ‘ to pluck up and break down, to build and to plant ’ phrase that occur (1:10) throughout the book. His call is to confront as well as to comfort the people of Judah. Like Jesus Jeremiah was challenging to complacent people, and comforting to broken people. The later parts of Jeremiah are often about messages of hope and restoration. How important is it for the Church to bring hope to our world and nation today?