Hello Students! Some information for you!


If you're a student, here's some information about things coming up.

Looking for a church in Bristol? Our two main student services are: 

  • 7pm Woodlands: our big celebration service for across our congregations
  • 7pm Woodlands metro-church you can bring your friend to, mainly 18-30s. For details on lifts visit woodlandsmetro.church

There'll be free dinner at 6pm before the services at both campuses from the 24th of September.

Between the 18-21st, we're giving out free lunch everyday for our annual freshers welcome BBQ on Woodland road. #DontBuyLunchInFreshers  

Student Launch night- 26th sept, Woodlands Church Clifton, 7:30PM 

Student Alpha-Monday lunchtimes from 25th of September, Woodlands Church Clifton, 1PM.

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