Westminster Theological Centre (WTC)

Studying theology offers an opportunity to explore the big questions of faith and life. WTC courses enable you to grow in your relationship with God and equip you to make a difference to the world. They combine the best of academic teaching with the vibrant life of the Holy Spirit.

The Bristol Hub meets term time on Monday evenings at 6pm in Woodlands Church and begins with worship before splitting into study groups for live lectures and live faculty tutorials.

Courses Available 

WTC have four courses, validated by the University of Chester, to suit different levels of previous study:

1) Undergraduate Certificate. This two year part-time course is open to everyone.It offers an excellent opportunity to explore the foundations of the Christian faith and to begin wrestling with some of the big questions of life. 

2) BA in Kingdom Theology. The part-time BA course offers a comprehensive and engaging study programme. It is designed for those seeking breadth and depth in their theological understanding.

3) Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology. This is a two year course for those wanting to study Theology who have a degree in any subject. 

4) MA Degree. For those with a degree in theology wanting to progress to an MA.

Come for a Taster - Hub Open Evenings

For a taster of what the course is like, and what happens at each meeting, we run regular Open Evenings. Details of upcoming Open Evenings will appear here closer to the event.

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For more information on any of WTC's courses, or information on local WTC events, contact Sally Tate (Bristol Hub Director) Bristol@wtctheology.org.uk or visit the WTC Website www.wtctheology.org.uk.