Prayer Ministry


At Woodlands we want to cooperate with the work of God’s Holy Spirit and see lives transformed as we journey towards increasing wholeness.

Prayer Ministry is an opportunity to encounter the power, truth and love of God as someone prays with you, discerning and passing on what they sense God has for you. This could be healing, forgiveness, blessing, encouragement or freedom.

It happens at our Sunday services, in mid-week groups, and at many events. It also happens during our Wholeness Courses and by arrangement on a 1 to 1 basis. 

A Woodlands core value is that ‘everyone is a minister’. Anyone who has become a Christian and has had experience of the Holy Spirit has the power and authority to pray like Jesus did. We can all learn to tune in to the different ways in which God speaks to us.

‘This has given me greater knowledge of effective ways of praying for others – purpose driven and led by the Spirit’

‘I have noticed a dramatic change in my thought life. I still occasionally get the thoughts but they don't seem to have any power. They don't 'stick' like they used to which is amazingly liberating!’

How Do I Get Equipped In Prayer Ministry?


Throughout the year we offer a number of additional ways to help train people up in prayer ministry.

Foundation Training Course
A great day, with the feel of a mini-conference, including teaching, real-life stories, worship, discussion and practice. Open to everyone, the course usually runs twice a year. It covers the basics of how to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and looks at five key areas which regularly crop up in ministry situations: salvation, confession, forgiving, healing, freedom.

Next course: Saturday 19th Oct 2019. Click here for further information and to book.

Gaining Experience In Prayer Ministry. If it is appropriate, the next step is to join a team which ministers during a Sunday service. You’ll be paired with a more experienced team member and a team leader is always around to give support and feedback. If you'd like to be considered for a team, please contact us below.

Further Prayer Ministry Training. This is open to those with some experience who want to develop the skills needed in more extended ministry times. It covers how to minister with confidence, share prophetic words, bring release and freedom from ongoing negative influences. Contact the team for more information. Next course is 15th Oct 2019 Book here

Advanced Prayer Ministry Training. A termly gathering for people who frequently face challenging ministry situations and offer regular 1 to 1 ministry sessions. We believe that it really is possible to find relief and freedom from the issues which limit the fullness of life which God intended for us.

If you'd like to know more about prayer ministry, or any of the prayer ministry training events please email