Key values of the kingdom of God are justice and seeing people released from bondage. In this context, it is exciting that Woodies has now become a partner church working with International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM is an anti-slavery organisation that works to restore broken justice systems by helping enforce existing legal rights and laws in predominantly third world countries. IJM have investigators who uncover situations where people are enslaved or trafficked, lawyers who prosecute offenders and social work teams who provide aftercare support to rescued victims. Woodies has committed to raise £5000 to fund the cost of a rescue. The precise details of this rescue will depend on the slavery situations that investigators uncover. However, the Woodies rescue is likely to take place in India and involve rescuing people (often from the Dalit, 'untouchable' community) from a bonded labour setting. The Woodies contribution will be raised primarily by earmarked giving - Please visit this page (Click here). Thank you for your financial and prayer support which will have a tangible effect on bringing freedom to people's lives. Finally, if you would like to join the IJM prayer network, email contact@IJMUK.org"