Going Greener as a Church 

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Woodlands is getting a bit greener!

With help from the People and Planet Group we successfully applied for the A Rocha Eco Church Award. Its an award scheme that encourages churches to care for creation as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully. 

This has challenged us to make a number of changes:

  • We have changed our utilities suppliers. All of our electricity now generated from a 100% renewable sources and 15% of our Gas is from a renewable source locally generated in Avonmouth.

  • We now use Eco friendly cleaning products like our washing up liquid and toilet cleaner.

  • Our printing and toilet paper are both made from recycled paper.

  • We've replaced some of our stage lights with more efficient LED lights, the new offices and toilets are all fitted with efficient LED lights. And there are plans a foot to replace the lighting in the Crypt and Main Hall with more efficient LED lighting over the coming years.

  • As you may already know our coffee and tea are from a fair-trade source. A new blend of coffee along with a decaff option will be arriving soon.

Have you Bought Your keepie cup Yet? 

Don’t forget to bring them with you each Sunday!

Don’t forget to bring them with you each Sunday!

Did you know that the UK throws away approximately 50 Billion paper cups a week (according to the government’s Environmental Audit Committee report). Due to the way paper cups are made as little as 1 in 400 get recycled. We hope that keepie cups will reduce the number of paper cups we use. You can buy yours by visiting the Info Desk in the Foyer.


We realise that these changes in themselves will make little impact on our world however if we can make these changes together in our own households it could make a real difference. We are delighted to announce that these changes helped us achieve a Bronze Award in 2018 and we are enthusiastic to improve upon that in the future.