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WOODLANDS is a new creative expression from the Woodlands group of churches in Bristol, gathering collaborators from across the church to make art that looks, sounds and even smells like Bristol, for the glory of God. 

We want to see our city revived to live as God intended, and we believe that the flourishing of the arts is a part of that – we aim to be real, honest, and vulnerable with our work. 


Mixtape #1 is the debut album from WOODLANDS. This eclectic mix of songs taps into the many sounds of Bristol – house, drum & bass, indie folktronica, vapourwave – and features myriad found sounds sampled from the city’s streets. The songs are honest and heartfelt, reflecting the struggles and celebrations of a life of faith. 

We don’t have a record label funding us, so the number one way you can support and enable us to make more music is to buy Mixtape #1 on CD, which you can do here or you can stream it here.