The Crypt

The Crypt is accessed via the entrance situated off Belgrave Road. Used for pastorates, Open Access, Monday Prayer Watch, Global Partners Prayer. Has disabled access and catering facilities; approx capacity 150.

The Foyer

The Foyer is accessed from Woodland Road. Used for small groups, presentations, meetings. Has disabled access plus tea & coffee facilities; approx capacity 60.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall is accessed from Woodland Road via The Foyer. Used for Cake & Flake, Alpha, Devotion, Wholeness. Has disabled access plus tea & coffee facilities (available in the Foyer); approx capacity 550/600.


Upper Hall

Entrance to the Upper Hall is from Belgrave Road. Used for student groups, pastorates, courses etc. No disabled access, catering facilities, approx capacity 150.

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Prayer Rooms

Entrance to the Prayer Rooms is from Woodland Road. Used for mentoring, New ID course, prayer ministry. No disabled access, approx capacity 10/20.