Tips to connect

We recognise that it's not always easy to get settled into a new place, so here are our top tips to help you get connected at Woodlands.

  1. Come to the Newcomers' Presentation. Our Newcomers presentations happen during the services on second Sundays of the month. It's for those who want to know more about Woodlands history and our priorities and practices, why we do what we do. On top of that, our monthly Newcomers' Tea explains how our midweek groups work and how to get connected. It's also a chance to meet the team as well asother people exploring church and faith.

  2. Join a mid-week small group or pastorate. It's a great way to meet other people and develop both friendships and a sense of spiritual fellowship with others.

  3. Try volunteering on a team. Helping out on a team is a great way to get involved and to also get to know more people. There are a wide variety of teams to get involved with and we welcome both people who can give only a little time and those who have lots of availability. To find out more visit our volunteering opportunities page.

  4. Say hello to the welcome team. One of the simplest ways to connect is just to say hello and meet one of our welcome team (they are the ones wearing blue t-shirts in the foyer). They can help connect you with people and members of the Woodlands team.

If you are new and have questions, please ask the welcome team in the foyer or email