Soulfood is a collection of meditations, created by a selected group of writers from the Woodlands Group of Churches, following the current sermon series. The writers, though gifted communicators, are all ‘regular’ people with real life, honest reflections to offer.

The SoulFood team is composed of Clare Thompson, Angela Moseley, Jane and Kelvin Reeves and Jo Appleton – plus a team of 25 or so writers who are all amazing! All the writers are from the Woodlands Group of churches.

What is it about?

At Soulfood our vision is to help people to experience the bible’s life changing power – through reading it regularly, transformationally and in community with each other. We believe the bible is chock full of wisdom on how to live life well and those that learn to walk to it’s rhythm will discover the secret of a rich and happy life.

How Do I Subscribe?

Why not start the week with the SoulFood community and receive thought-provoking meditations that remind us that God is with us and interested in the day to day issues of our lives? We hope that Soulfood will help set those ‘few simple rhythms of life’ in motion. To find out more visit soulfoodweekly.net