People & Planet

"Empowering people to act for sustainability and for social justice"

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We are a group of people who love God's creation. We come together on a two-monthly basis to pray for our world as well as to seek ways of how we can reduce our impact on the environment as a church, in our communities and in our personal lives and encourage others to do the same. Anyone, and everyone, is welcome.

For further information email or find us on Facebook.

Woodies & our Carbon Footprint

Here at Woodies we are keen to find ways of reducing our carbon footprint.

We now buy all-renewable electricity for the Woodlands building (from Good Energy). Renewable energy can help restore the earth and bring balance to God's creation. Clean energy sources offer a chance for everybody to thrive. The burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity has been one of the largest factors increasing carbon emissions and driving climate change.

Switching to renewable sources is crucial to efforts to limit climate change, which is already affecting the poorest communities around the world. If you don’t already get your electricity from a 100% renewable supplier like ‘Good Energy’ we would very much encourage you to make the switch.

What else the church is doing:

  • Buying Fairtrade coffee.

  • Using recyclable coffee cups.

  • Reducing our paper usage by switching to a monthly bulletin.

  • Participating in the Toilet Twinning scheme.

  • Hosting events promoting greener lifestyles, such as clothes swaps and food waste banquets.

  • Participating in community clean up events such as The Noise.


Any bright ideas? If you have any suggestions about ways we can do more to reduce our impact on the environment we would love to hear them. Also find out more about how we are 'Going Greener As A Church'.