Woodlands Football Club

Woodlands Football Club is a combination of two adult teams both competing in the Bristol Churches League. Players of all abilities are welcome from the age of 16+ years to Wednesday night training.

The Bristol churches league is both competitive and friendly holding a great standard of football whilst promoting a positive atmosphere. It’s a fantastic place to meet friends, be offered the opportunity to hear about faith if you wish and importantly play football.

Date: Wednesdays
Time: 8-9.30pm
Venue: Bridge Learning Campus, Hartcliffe, BS13 0RF
ContactSteve Ballard 07810048942

Football Church

Football church is a unique children’s church experience where we mix football and faith. These sessions are for children that have a passion for football or that extra bit of energy that can be better released through sport.

The added opportunity for children to run around freely while in a structured football session really helps when we come to have our half-time God slot. Players come to church as normal and attend the worship at the beginning of the service with their parent or carer. When children are sent out into groups footballers meet in the foyer with Steve Ballard and the Football Church (FC) team.

From here adults can return to the service while the FC team take the players to a local venue walking distance from Woodlands Church. Parents then pick their children up from the designated venue. 

9:15am Service - school years 2/3. Parents pick up children between 10:45 and 11:00am
11:00am Service -school years 5/6. Some year 4 and 7 children may be allowed to join at the discretion of the FC team; parents pick up children between 12:45 and 1pm.

ContactSteve Ballard 07810048942

Woodlands Academy

Woodlands academy is a mid-week opportunity, much like a small group, for those with a passion for football to enjoy their favourite hobby whilst growing in faith or hearing about faith for the first time.

These sessions are one hour long 3 vs 3 tournament style football sessions, ideal for technical development and tactical awareness. Players will be split into teams at the start of the session and go straight into ‘winner stays on’ matches.

At the half way point play will be stopped for a half-time drinks break and faith-based discussion followed by more football. Parents are not obliged to stay and wait for their child but may use the foyer if they wish.

Date: Tuesdays
Time: Year 1: 4:30 - 5:30pm, Year 4: 5:45 – 6:45pm, Year 7: 7 - 8pm
Cost: £3.50 (Paid in full at the beginning of each term)
Venue: Stoke Park School, Brangwyn Grove, Lockleaze, BS7 9UE
ContactSteve Ballard 07810048942

If you have any questions about football at Woodlands, please email or Steve Ballard Sports Coach