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Tim Dobson. September 22nd, 2013. 7pm
Acts 16.12-34

For the early church, baptism was the first sign of joining the gathering. Why was it such a key part of their message and what does that mean for us?

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86 minutes
Church Leaders. September 17th, 2013. Special

Woodlands Congregation Vision Evening Vision for the coming year. In a break from tradition, each of our three congregations is holding their own Vision Evening this autumn. We'll focus on Woodlands and the many wonderful opportunites we have to serve and influence our communities and city. Come and hear our vision for the coming year and help to shape our future plans as we continue to grow.

Clare Thompson. September 15th, 2013. 7pm
Acts 2.42-47

The early church believers lived in dynamic community, sharing everything so that nobody was excluded or in need. What would that look like today? Is it even possible?

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Dave Mitchell. August 25th, 2013. 7pm
Colossians 2

Christians have always had to resist swapping a life-giving relationship for legalistic religion. So how do we pursue spirituality without becoming religious and weird?

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